Board of Directors

Fredrik Malmström

Chairman of the board and Investment manager at Almi Invest. Fredrik have worked with investments in startups in different constellations for the past 15 years. Board assignments in Immuneed, Wematter, Fundcurve, Edeva, and more.

Lena Sundqvist

Board member and partner. Has a long experience in managerial positions at, among others, Setra Byggprodukter, Logiq Sweden AB and now as B2B cCom Manager at K-Group.

Olle Granath

Board member and shareholder. Olle has a long experience in building materials, in sales, as a merchant and as a manufacturer from companies such as Byggmax, Nordingrå Trä and Combiwood.

Magnus Svensson

CEO, board member and founder. Magnus has a long background in advertising where he for many years worked with developing customer's digital presence. He has a good insight in the building industry and it's future challenges around the conversion to e-commerce.

Patrik Dahlén

CIO, board member and co-founder. Developer, systems architect and solutions architect with a long background as a consultant in a number of different industries.

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